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Composed by George Michael/Composed by George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley Composed by George Michael /Composed by Don Was & David Was

EPIC FIN 1 (gatefold p/s)

Lead Vocals: George Michael

Electric Guitar: David Austin & Andrew Ridgeley

Bass: Deon Estes

Keyboards: Tommy Eyre

Keyboards (on Edge Of Heaven): Elton John

Drums: Trevor Morell

Horns: David ‘Baps’ Baptiste, Colin Graham & Paul Spong

Produced and Arranged by George Michael

Recorded by Chris Porter

Sleeve Design: Peter Saville Associates (P/S/A)

Photography: Trevor Key

Original UK Release: 9 June 1986

UK Chart Position: No 1

Original US Release: 10 June 1986

US Chart Position: No 10

“We would like to thank everyone who has helped us to come through the last four years with our careers, our sanity and our friendship intact.

Special thanks, as always, go to our families, our close friends, and of course, to Siobhan.”

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley